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    We have the widest selection and range of biomass fueled boiler systems available from a single source, in Europe. Enabling us to offer a system for virtually every commercial, industrial or institutional requirement.

    Our wide selection of both standard and customisable biomass storage, handling and feed systems enable our systems to be installed in any application.


    We're not just a service and technology provider. We're your partners in Biomass and Renewable Energy in Europe.

    We have one of the largest range of Biomass Boilers in Europe.

    From 9 KWth hot water boilers to 23,000 KWth's per hour CHP units that provide hot water, steam or electricity.

    We are looking for approved installers.

    All our installers and our surveyors are trained by Biotech to ensure that the boiler selected provides our clients with a total energy solution. IF you are a recognised, approved installer and are interested in joining us..

    We can also provide you with a long term biomass supply contract.

    Some of the key energy users we serve.

    Are you a high energy user? If so, we may be able to offer you our Capital Free Scheme.

    We offer a range of finance options

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    We are part of the Biotech Energy Group.

    With Offices in the, United Kingdom, United States and also Asia we offer the largest range of biomass units worldwide. through a dedicated Distribution



    Our Systems

    Renewable Thermal Energy from 9KW's to 21,500 KW's per hour

    Some product ranges are subject to availability in certain European Countries. For more information please contact us.


    The Biotech Elite

    A low cost alternative to heat large areas, such as foyers, public spaces up to 100 sq metres.

    ▶ Automated function

    ▶ User friendly Multilanguage menu

    ▶ Low consumption with very high efficiency up to 92%

    ▶ Autonomy up to 24 hours

    ▶ Remote control ability

    ▶ GSM modem

    The Biotech Viso and Viso Hydro

    A low cost alternative to heat large areas, such as foyers, public spaces up to 120-160 sq metres, plus supplementary hot water.

    A modern interior design stove that can be used as an individual heating unit apartments or low energy consumption houses

    The VISIO is designed with main criteria the panoramic view of the fire through the large ceramic glass with which can create an environment of warmth to an area equivalent to a wood stove.

    Compact construction with small external dimensions, high efficiency and the ability to produce domestic hot water (DHW) combined with noiseless operation and very low power consumption, makes it the most suitable choice for the modern energy house, hotel foyer or any public space.

    9-100KWth Systems

    The Multiauto Series-

    is fully automated operation make it a pioneer in the field of heating with solid fuels. The Multiauto series can handle pellet and chips. The high efficiency and simultaneously low exhaust temperature output make the boiler very economical with very low fuel consumption and environmentally friendly, with the lowest emissions. The selection of Multiauto's below show a unit configured to receive chips from a hopper.


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    150-950KWth Systems

    The combustion grate of the Pelletech 150-950 Series Industrial boilers has been specially developed for the automatic combustion of dry and moist wood fuels (waste wood, wood pellets or wood chips from forest thinnings.

    It combines the benefits of underfeed combustion with the advantages of grate combustion to optimum effect. The grate combustion is particularly impressive thanks to its maximum efficiency and perfect combustion in all load stages.

    The ash is removed automatically from the combustion base and transported into a standard container. Efficiency of over 90% enables maximum seasonal efficiency in modulating operating mode.


    The Pelletech 150-950 series grate combustion is tested and permissible to EN 303-5. It is produced in accordance with the Machinery Directive and has a CE designation.


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    Hot Air Generators

    The system, connects directly to the circuit board, which controls the delivery of the fuel between the combustion chamber flame and the containment silo. The units are particularly suitable for winter heating of work places such as workshops, warehouses, sheds, greenhouses and farm buildings. The hot air generator uses solid biomass fuels such as: olive pomace, almond, hazelnut shells, wood and straw pellets, etc.

    These hot air generators provides the highest quality of a high efficiency heat exchanger and allowing the customer to direct savings in operating costs.

    The combustion chamber is a unique "one of a kind". It is designed and manufactured from stainless steel and coated cast iron for superior protection from the oxidation substances produced during the combustion of biomass (Pellets, husk etc.) and double tube bundle to achieve maximum heat exchange between the inside and the outside air, while ensuring strength and longevity.

    The development of the tube bundle two routes in the horizontal position maximizes the exploitation of all the generated calorific power (produced by flame and the flue gases) prevents the deposition of ash, thus reducing the risk of obstruction and frequency of cleaning.


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    Biotech Large Scale Industrial Systems

    1.1 MWth to 2.5 MWth Systems

    How our systems work

    Our Biotech Energy CHP units are manufactured in Europe to our clients specific energy demand needs. The Units are normally provided with a 20 bar boiler which after generating the required electrical output provides steam at 2.5 bar. Many of these systems operate on a 24/7 basis, some of our units have been operational for over 7 years in the United States.

    The CHP units are operational 24 hours a day, and supports local heat demand by ensuring heat supply is exactly matched with a reliable and consistent energy supply.

    Our CHP design maximises the thermal efficiency of the fuel combusted to our clients energy needs. Sizes range from 1.1 Mwth to 2.5 MWth per hour.

    Biotech Energy 1.1 MW Hot Water system

    The Biotech Energy 1.1 MW Industrial hot water boiler developed by Camino Design for the agricultural and small scale industry, for a wide range of applications based on renewable energy sources and residual products from agriculture and forestry.
    The fuels are transported by a robust auger and feed control systems to the highly efficient, patented moving MAXIBURN grate, which achieves the highest possible combustion results. The grate designs' unique feature, is that that the entire grate slides out from the boiler for ease of maintenance.
    The flue gases from the combustion process are controlled from the furnace to the heat exchanger, where the energy is transferred to the incoming heating medium (water). The highly stable and efficient operation of the Biotech 1.1 MW Industrial hot water boiler systems is guaranteed by a series of continuous measuring devices and a reliable combustion control.

    Biotech Energy 2.2 MW Hot Water system

    This unit is currently in development with Biotech and Camino. To stay informed about this system, including our first "open day" at the factory, register for our Newsletter here

    Combined Heat and Power

    Illustration only of a Biotech Energy CHP Unit. Ultimate Design, Layout subject to energy requirements

    Steam or Electrical export.

    The Biotech Energy 600-1500 series gasifiers are designed primarily for commercial and industrial applications , with large energy requirements and 24/7 operation. They can be configured to use pellets or chips.

    These systems can be designed up to 900psig(62bar) with super-heated steam up to 900F(482C) and can be used for electrical power generation up to 12 MW.



    Finance Options

    We have a range of Funding options to help you become Carbon Neutral.

    We offer a range of finance package options*, and through our Finance partner, Cornerstone Capital Partners,

    we provide a project support service where we can assist our clients to create and prepare a business plan to present to our investors. For further details please contact us.


    OUR Freedom Scheme***- Giving you the options and Savings

    1. We carry out a Free Energy Survey, by our qualified surveyor.

    2. You pay a 50% deposit for a fully installed unit.

    3. You pay the balance over three years, interest free.

    5. You have freedom to buy your fuel from who ever you choose**

    6. We maintain your boiler for 3 years, with a option for you to continue this service afterwards


    Our 1 year Interest Free Credit Scheme**

    1. We carry out a Free Energy Survey, by our qualified surveyor.

    2. Subject to credit approval , we install your boiler, by a approved installer.

    3. We provide 1 years maintenance cover.

    4. We provide a fuel contract option.

    This Scheme is provided through a third party credit provider and subject to their credit appraisal. Up to £25,000 maximum per contract.


    *subject to status, project type and value ** subject to Fuel Specifications




    Case Studies

    The Case studies highlighted here are examples of installations that our team were responsible for, from from conceptual to final design and install. All campus systems shown use wood chips. This section is part of our reference list, more detail can be found on our North American web site.

    Northern Maine Medical Center

    In order to reduce and fix long-term operating cost for energy, the Northern Maine Medical Center located in Fort Kent, installed a biomass gasification system to generate thermal energy in the form of steam for heating, and process needs throughout the facility.


    The biomass system reduces the hospital’s dependency on fossil fuel, minimizes their carbon foot print and enhances the local economy by purchasing locally sourced and produced biomass fuel.


    Brad and John were responsible for the biomass system configuration from conceptual to final design and was the lead project engineer. He was also responsible for the final system commissioning, start up and training.


      Project Facts

      • Model Type BTC-10
      • Plant went online in January 2013
      • Boiler output: 200hp (6.7MMBTU/hr)
      • Replaces up to 135,000 gallons of #2 fuel oil per year
      • Consumes an estimated 1,800 tons of locally sourced wood chips annually
      • Estimated savings per year to be $200,000

      Green Mountain College

      In an effort to reduce the college’s consumption of # 6 fuel oil and improve the college’s energy sustainability and use a locally source renewable energy source, Green MT College installed a state of the art biomass gasification system. The system which now generates 85% of the school's annual heating needs replaced number six fuel oil with locally harvested wood-chips to provide heat in cold months. The biomass plant and a host of other initiatives have resulted in a 41% reduction in greenhouse gasses across campus since 2007


      Green Mountain College has not only been able to diminish their carbon footprint and foster long-term sustainability but also significantly reduce and fix annual energy operating costs. Green Mountain College has been recognized as a national sustainability leader in the 2015 Sustainable Campus Index released yesterday by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). [source Green Mountain College]

      Project Facts

      • Model Type BTC-20    Plant went online in Spring 2010
      • Boiler output: 400hp (13.4MMBTU/hr.)
      • Consumes between 4,000 - 5,000 tons of locally sourced woodchips annually, thereby shifting 85 percent of current fuel oil usage to biomass.
      • 85% reduction in in #6 fuel oil annually (190,000 gallons)
      • CO2 reduction: 2,844 plus metric tons per year.
      • 41% reduction in carbon foot print

      Middlebury College

      In 2007, Middlebury College pledged to be carbon neutral by the year 2016. To achieve their goal, the college installed a biomass fired boiler system to replace approximately one million gallons of #6 fuel oil per year and reduce their carbon foot print.


      Brad and John worked closely with the Middlebury team in the initial development of the project including preliminary financial and technical review of the project. Was responsible for overall biomass system configuration from conceptual to final design and was lead project manager and project engineer.

      Project Facts

      • Model Type BTC-800
      • Plant went online in January 2009
      • Steam Production: 23,500kgs per hour @ 240 psig
      • 50% reduction in in #6 fuel oil annually (1,000,000 gallons plus)  
      • Annual #6 fuel savings $700,000 per year +/-
      • CO2 reduction: 12,500 plus metric tons per year.
      • 40% reduction in carbon foot print
      • Annual wood chip consumption: 20,000 tons per year +/-

      Hazen Union School - Maintenance & Upgrade

      Located in Hardwick VT, The Hazen Union School has operated a biomass boiler since 1993. Hazen Union pioneered biomass thermal energy in Vermont, being one of the earliest proponents of the benefits of using locally sourced biomass fuel for thermal energy production. For over 20 years, Hazen Union School has been supporting their local economy, reducing their dependent on foreign oil and saving thousands of dollars through the use of their biomass energy plant.

      Project Details

      After many years of reliable service, several key pieces of equipment started to show their age. Increasing maintenance cost and system down time were having a negative effect on the operational cost of their heating plant. In the summer of 2015, Hazen Union decided to move forward with a plan to make several improvements and upgrades to their biomass system. All upgrades & improvements were geared to reduce labor, increase plant uptime and reliability, and improve boiler efficiency.

      Biotech Energy’s VP of Engineering, Maintenance & Operations played a key role in helping Hazen Union realize their vision.




      News from the Biotech Energy Group

      Biotech and Camino unite for the UK, Ireland and North American Markets.

      April 2016

      Biotech Energy Group has become Camino's newest distributor for the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and North America. "We are delighted to be able to promote the Camino range of biomass boilers and hot air generators and offer our clients a energy and price efficient products in the UK and Ireland. This agreement provides Biotech Energy with the ability to provide its customers with the largest range of biomass boilers in Europe"


      Rob Green. Managing Director. Biotech UK

      Biotech agree exclusivity to three strategic partners in the United States.

      August 2016

      Biotech Energy, Inc has signed exclusive distribution agreements, with Adirondack, Analytical Combustion and Preferred Utilities for Eastern States. " In reaching an agreement with these companies we are able to provide a local service and supply, with a National reach and continue to meet our objective in providing a Sustainable, Carbon Neutral energy source to our clients by offering an unparalleled range of Boilers in North America".


      Doug Starr. VP Sales and Marketing, Biotech North America.

      Biotech Group expands into Asia Markets

      September 2016

      In recognition of the growing market opportunity is Asia, Biotech Energy Group are expanding their market into Asia and are now seeking strategic partners to help them achieve their goals. "Over the past months, interest about our products, services have grown for units providing steam generation and we welcome the opportunity not only to supply our units, but to be able through selected partnerships to be able to offer our finance and service packages".


      Roger Willmott. Group CEO Biotech Energy Group

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